Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Winter Hibernating...

Is coming to an end. We are starting to see signs of spring. I raked out the flower beds today while Sylver and Trin swung with Ari in the hammock. It looked like rain all day long, but it held off. The air was heavy and slightly warm, in clean spring rain kind of way. The ground is still mushy from the melted snow of last week, but when I raked out the flower beds I was pleasantly surprised to see my daffodils coming up already!!! My roses and strawberries are starting to wake up as well! That was such a beautiful surprise. My poor gardens have been sorely neglected in the last 19 months, between being pregnant (i.e. laying on the bathroom floor praying for death or at the very least a 9 month long coma) and Ari's first year (i.e. stumbling through life in a crisis management/survival mode praying for hearing loss, sleep and sanity, LOL). I am really looking forward to being outside and getting my hands dirty! And if today was any indication, Ari is looking forward to being outside, as well! I am dreaming of warm afternoons in the garden with all the children-gardening, learning, swinging :)  

Hurry Hurry Spring! I can't wait to throw open the windows, air out the house and dig in the dirt! I feel optimistic and energetic, both a sure sign that Ari is going to be one very shortly and spring is coming! 

Thank You Heavenly Father for carrying us all through the last two years, for protecting us, nurturing  us, teaching us, and for growing our faith and love for You and Your Son. Thank You for the loving blessings you have rained down upon our undeserving heads.... our health, our home, every beat of our hearts. Thank You for hearing us and the quiet assurance you placed in our hearts that YOUR Plan is Perfect. Thank You for Your Promise of Plans to Prosper and Not Harm Us. Thank You For Your Grace. 


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