Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Halloween....

We had a fun Halloween! We drove over to Heather's neighborhood and ToT with 3 other families for a total of 11 children! What a wonderful, joyous, chaotic mess! Everyone had a great time. We had a very small Halloween Budget this year ($0, LOL), but I think they are our best costumes yet!
No pictures of Ari, though. She wore a tutu, missed her nap, but once the candy started flowing she was a much happier baby!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Coolest Birthday Present!!

My Birthday kinda sucks because we are all still sick, but I got the coolest gift from my super cool SIL, Brandi! It's made all of us laugh several times today.

Check it out!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Quickie Sicky Update...

We are all sick. According to Dr, likely H1N1, based on symptoms and prevalence in our area. Not getting the test though. No point in going out and spreading the germs to find out we're sick, LOL. The ER Dr. called back on Friday night to let us know that the culture they sent out for Ari came back positive for infection so she is on antibiotics and is finally, as of today, starting to feel better, ie less clingy. Talyn and Sylver are still feverish, punky and hacking up a lung. Trin was the last lone hold out, but finally came down with the high fever yesterday and is still in the sleep all day phase. My poor baby :( Gram has been visiting since the beginning of the month and is not sick at all... not surprising, though, because the CDC says that people over 60 have some resistance to H1N1 from being exposed to similar viruses over their lifetimes. Jesse seems to be on the mend, but I am still really weak. Likely because I am the one up all night with the kids, hah! This thing seems to be lasting FOREVER! The 4 day long cold wet nor'easter isn't helping with the cabin fever/slooooow days thing.

I am calling Wednesday as the official last day of sickness...


will be back when we join the land of the living.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hangin' in the ER...

Jesse and I spent a fun filled evening at the ER with Ari. She had a 105.7, not a typo. She has a virus, so does Sylver. Might be swine flu, but the test is so incredibly inaccurate they aren't testing for it unless the parents insist. They said the flu is rampant right now and everyone there was wearing masks. The girls should both be fine in a couple of days. Ari got a cath test that she didn't even cry for, came back clean. She also got a finger stick that didn't bother her at all until they put a bandaid on it. Then she freaked out until we took it off, little goof!

There was a little girl that came in right before Ari... I overheard them say she had swallowed a metal hairclip. On the way out I saw the family checking out and she was the cutest little cherub ever! A Shirley Temple head full of curls in RED! Such a huge happy grin on that little one, as well! She was so pleased with herself, LOL. I normally find ER visits to be quite depressing, but this one wasn't bad at all.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trinity's World...

You know that song, "I love the Night Life, I Love to Boogie" ?? (found a link to the original song and video... it's worth a giggle, snort, laugh, itself!!)

I heard Trin singing that song yesterday, only it was,

"I Love the Night Life, I Love the Cookie"