Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ari Sez No, Yes, and Bye!

She is just communicating like crazy. I shot this video right before bed last night, so she was a bit cranky. Oh, and her going up and down is her bouncing up and down with her legs, not me bouncing her! She does that constantly so I guess she is building up the strength in her legs so she can walk soon :( Oh and check out Talyn streaking in the background-Goofball! And it's not readily apparent unless you are looking for it, but you can hear her actually SAY yes when she nods her head yes... it sounds like I say Yes all slurred. And when I ask her if she wants to eat she does the nurse sign (that's the up and down with her right hand right after I ask her the question). 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ari Sez No... and Silly has no teeth

Check out Ari's new skill... She can do yes, but doesn't do it nearly as often as No. Check out those four front teeth! The other three didn't get teeth until a year old, so she is definitly marching to her own beat... she is also well on her way to weaning. Those teeth HURT and she isn 't afraid to use them. 
And speaking of teeth.... Sylver is missing both front teeth now... you can hear her slight lisp in her S sounds. 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heard Around The House....

"Pretty Please With a Cherry On Top?"

"Ugly No With Dirt on Top."

Friday, February 13, 2009

Porcupine Baby and Ape Daddy

I was up all night last night with Anna. She gave us 4 babies, but we lost one right away. Ari got up as Anna was settling down, so I can barely see straight today.  So, I didn't get a chance to get pictures of  Sylver in her new dress, even though she did wear it all day long. 
To make up for it I thought I would share a couple more pictures of Clothes Pin Madness. I'll get pictures of Sylver in her new dress as soon as my contacts stopping sticking to my eyeballs (aka I get some sleep).  


A New Dress for Sylver...


I finished this up tonight. I will take some pictures of Sylver modeling the finished product in the morning. You can see her trying it on while in process-the fit is just perfect! I had to fit her in a 7/8 for width but a 9/10 for length. I am so happy with how it turned out! The hood is really cute-long and knotted, like a gnome hood! Sweet :) The fabric is a soft cozy bamboo fleece and Sylver is CRAZY about it!

Kitten Korner

The little baby who was so tiny I didn't think she was going to make it has grown SO beautifully! She is still little, but oh so lovely. She is a sweet little purr-box. She enjoyed playing in Trin's treehouse today. 

Ariya is Growing....

Way Too Fast! 

Sylver Keeps on Losing...

Teeth, that is. She is working on the other front one now. Her lisp is very slight right now, but I have a feeling it's going to get worse, soon!

Up She Goes...

Here are the pictures I promised last week of Ari scaling the stairs :) 

The Best $2 Toy Ever....

Disclaimer... No Children or Parents where injured in the process of taking these pictures ; )

I'm not sure who had more fun with these.... Daddy or the kids. I take it back, definitely Daddy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heard Around The House....

"No, Talyn, in this house you have to clean up your OWN blood. "

I am almost too exhausted to even explain how that came out of my mouth today... but when it did I stopped long enough to realize how ridiculous it sounded.

I love being a parent. 

The short version... Talyn got a bloody nose in Sylver's bed and Sylver refused to sleep in it (don't blame her). Talyn didn't want to clean it up. I made him. 

I gotta get some sleep. 


Monday, February 9, 2009

Trinity's World

"Mommy, THIS matches better, Look, Dark Gravy Blue and Dark Gravy Blue" 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Does Church Smell Like?

I am seriously loving this guy... 


Monday, February 2, 2009

Trinity's World

Trinity is four, which translates in to "Extremely Literal"

While making dinner tonight, the busiest time of the day, Trin was snacking on dried out fruit. Ariya was trying to convince Trin to give her some, but I had already warned Trin that it was a choke hazard. 

Trinity was giving me a long drawn out play by play about how she was NOT giving Ari any of the fruit, and I was half listening/half tuning her out while I worked around the kitchen. 

"Thanks for Sharing, Trin" I kind of mindlessly put out there at a pause in the conversation.... meaning thanks for sharing her little story. 

"But Mommy, I'm NOT sharing! You said DON'T share!" I was startled out of my work trance by Jesse laughing and assuring Trin that she still wasn't to share the fruit. 

And in other news....

Have you guys seen those commercials "I am a scientist" on the Discovery Channel?? Catchy little I am a scientist song.... the kids have been singing that song with their own words all day. 

Talyn has been dubbed the Weird-ing-tist by Sylver.
Ari has been dubbed the Squidgy-tist by Talyn. (Squidgy according to Talyn is Cute and Squishy)
Trinity has been dubbed the Cute-ing-tist by Trinity, LOL.
Sylver managed to escape a tist title, although I am not sure how. 

And I will be VERY grateful if I wake up in the morning and that song is not running over and over again in my head. 

Ariya is on the move...

She figured out how to climb the stairs today. This morning it was the first two and by bedtime she scaled the whole flight with some encouragement from her siblings. I did get pictures, I will post them tomorrow. 
She is some kind of super sonic speedy baby now... I can't open the fridge for more than a second without her literally IN it and it doesn't matter where in the house she was before I opened it! She magically appears. And while I was standing in the kitchen watching her I turned my head to say something to Jesse and in that second she ATE cat food .... wet cat food.  GAG
Although I have to say, I have smelled that meat baby food and it smells marginally better than wet cat food, so I don't really blame her for being confused.