Thursday, December 31, 2009

Something I want to remember...

Jess and I where laughing tonight about Ari's constant snitching of things from the pantry. He was cleaning it out and organizing it and in the midst of long lost expired food treasures, she found a Canterbury Egg from last Easter... I think she ate the tin foil wrapper, because we still can't find it. blech.
Anyway, It triggered a memory of something Trin did when she was about 2 and a half (see the above pic).  She talked really clearly from 2 on and her comprehension was spot on. We where grocery shopping and she asked for some marshmallows. In the interest of a peaceful shopping trip I said, Alright, but Trin, Look at me... DO NOT eat that whole bag.
Ok Mommy....
When we made it to the check out line I looked down, noticed what appeared to be an empty marshmallow bag and gasped... TRIN!! I told you not to eat the whole bag!
Mommy, I didn't.... she produces one lone smushed marshmallow from the bottom of the bag.... Look, there is one left!
She looked so proud of herself, too. Jesse laughed and told me to be more specific next time.
While I was paying she was tugging on my sleeve, Mommy... can I have the last marshmallow, now?
I ask you, could you have resisted?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thank You...

To say I am feeling grateful for my friends and family who have shown me God's Grace this week would be a gross understatement. It was a brutal week for me, this week. My spirits where as low as they have ever been, my peace was completely out of reach and panic set in. I literally hyperventilated at one point and it felt like as soon as I stopped crying I would start all over again. I am more likely to hide under my covers then reach out for help, yet God brought help to me. My friend Jen, whose children Ben and Zia we watched last summer, showed up at my door late one night and reminded me that God's Work is done even when you aren't looking for it. She left me speechless and humbled. Thank You seems insufficient, but I will say it anyway... Thank You, my friend. My sisters, Brandi and Cori showed me love, support and selfless generosity. My sweet beautiful sisters, Thank You. I am more grateful for your love, support and friendship than you will ever know. Your love gave me the strength and courage to pick myself up off the floor and reach out for help. My church family gifted, not only the most beautiful blue spruce Christmas Tree we have ever seen, but an amazing cherrywood crib for Ari that we can turn in to a toddler bed and then a daybed. Through this, we where blessed to meet another homeschooling family who has struggled much like we are. As are result, we feel a lot less alone in our struggle to find our footing again. Most of all my church family lifted me up in prayer, that my panic would abate and I would once again be able to rest in the peace that God promises to His Beloved. The end of the week has brought me peace and hope. I am still, finally, quietly reflecting and admiring all the small details that God took care of... He spoke clearly to me, through those around me... You are NEVER alone my beloved Child.
My mother has been a constant source of emotional strength and practical help, not only this week, but always. Mom, Thank You for all you do. Your strength, wisdom and generosity have been my touchstone. Dad said to tell you Thank You, from the bottom of his heart... yes, he really said that. He is grateful that you do what he wishes he was able to. Daddy, I love you. Our yearly trip to get the kid's Christmas presents always reminds me that we don't spend enough time together. Aunt Bonnie, you always do so much for so many people, quietly and joyfully. The chicken was delicious and we are making homemade chicken soup with what is left. The cupcakes where gone before you left and the clothes you have sent home for Talyn and Sylver are such a blessing to us. I admire you so much- your courage, your strength, your selfless, loving spirit. Thank You and I love you. Izz, Thank You so much for starting a new Christmas cookie tradition with the children. The cookies are long gone but they are still joyfully talking about it!
We are holing up for a couple of days because of a major winter storm.... the first flakes are falling now. I am looking forward to being snowed in with my family. For a small moment the world will stop for us and we will get to enjoy what God has brought. It means time with my family to decorate our Christmas Tree, finish making the kidlets' presents, set up Ari's crib, make some yummy holiday goodies and enjoy each others company. I am looking forward to seeing the children play in the snow and, particularly, Ari's reaction to it! The new year will likely bring some hard changes and challenges, but for now I want to just enjoy this peaceful reprieve made possible by my Loving Heavenly Father and the family and friends He has brought in to my life. I truly love you and am humbled by the love you have shown me. My Prayers for you will never cease. 
In Christ, In Joy, In Hope,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ariya's Area

Wish I could take credit for these, but only a couple of them are mine, the rest are Jesse practicing capturing catchlights. Ari had just had a bath and the kids decided to share techno with her via an iPod.
The out-take is priceless as well! I'm not sure why, but the compression for the web washed the colors out a bit. The version for print is a significantly more vibrant and rich-pinks are deeper and the brown is richer. I've never had that happen before, it's strange.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Weekend...

...was a breathless blurr of kitten clients (All 7 of the babies are at their forever homes now!). We get a nice 6 week break before our next litter! YEAH! I love this work, though, truly!


Sylver turned 9.

I am actually feeling kind of melancholy about it. I was looking over her baby pictures and watching her grow through the last nine years. It made me feel a little sad that this part of my life is passing by so quickly. Sometimes I wish I could go back and live certain moments over again... I guess that's what memories, blog posts and pictures are for, right?

I will also admit to feeling a little trepidation about what's to come. I have done early childhood, over and over and over. First as a nanny (or mommy in training, as I think back on it) and then as a mother. I really am not sure how to be a mother of tweens and teenagers. There aren't many books on the subject, probably because most parents get by on a wing and a prayer. That would be a pretty short book,  you know? It would begin and end something like this....

Good Freakin' Luck.

The middle would consist of deep breathing techniques, headache remedies and, for when all else fails, cocktail recipes.

Sylver's birthday was very nice, but I thought I would let her tell about it on her blog. I will have her sit down and write Thank You notes and a blog post tomorrow. Thank You so much to everyone who remembered and sent a card/gift/e-mail. It really meant the world to her!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ariya's Area

She is doing well today. Sore and a little swollen, but back to her normal impish self.
She ended yesterday by telling me she loved me. "I La Lu". I love the little reminders of God's Grace!
She started today chasing her brother around the house with a large plastic machine gun and "shooting" him. She makes the shooting sound and everything. I told Talyn no more war games with her, TEA PARTIES I said....
She is a caffeine junkie. It started innocently enough. She asked for a sip of my coffee, the bottom part with all the milk and sugar. By ask, I mean pointed and screamed until I gave her some. Now she charges in to the kitchen every morning, with a huge grin, points and shrieks "CawFeeeee!!!"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One of THOSE Days....

It's 2pm and I am ready to go back to bed with a bottle of tums and some chocolate (and man, am I missing wine, about now!).

Ari's latest fun thing to do is to spin in circles until she is dizzy.... you see where I am going with this, don't you? Yup, slammed her face right in to the corner of a plastic, square, litter bucket. Someone (I'm not saying who, but the little golden haired culprit knows who she is) had dragged it in to the kitchen to use as a stool and then left it there. My poor baby girl, busted her bottom lip, bit the side of her tongue and tore the top of her lip where it attaches to the gumline (frenulum). I don't do the whole blood thing very well. I tried to see the injuries through the blood and couldn't without totally becoming lightheaded and nauseated. I called Jesse and made him come home to pull her mouth open to see if she needed stitches (it's deep, but not something they generally give stitches for). I still feel queasy. I really don't do this particular part of parenting well. I am calm in a crisis until blood is visible, then it's a struggle to keep the panic at bay. She is fine, now.  A little swollen and sore, but cheerfully playing and eating. I am fighting the urge to hover and/or wrap her little body in bubble wrap.

But, wait! There is more! More?! Yup, more... (rolling my eyes, here... oh, the drama!)

Our bank made a $600!!! error, not in our favor (why are bank mistakes NEVER in your favor?!). It's fixed, thanks to my wonderful mother and her willingness to drop everything and go to the bank and pull some strings to get it fixed ASAP. I couldn't leave Ari (wasn't really in the right mindset to drive and deal with bank personal in a calm, non-freaking out manner, anyway). Mom has friends everywhere she goes, so she was able to get it fixed within 20 minutes, from Florida! Super Mom to the Rescue! Thank you, mom. I love you :)

All this before noon.
I am for sure NOT driving today!

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for your Grace and Faithfulness in every moment of every day. Thank You for Jesse, Mom, and Mr. Jim for bringing us lunch and company. I pray for healing for Ari's sweet little mouth and my re-occurring sinus infection/earache. In the Precious Name of Jesus I pray. Amen.