Thursday, December 31, 2009

Something I want to remember...

Jess and I where laughing tonight about Ari's constant snitching of things from the pantry. He was cleaning it out and organizing it and in the midst of long lost expired food treasures, she found a Canterbury Egg from last Easter... I think she ate the tin foil wrapper, because we still can't find it. blech.
Anyway, It triggered a memory of something Trin did when she was about 2 and a half (see the above pic).  She talked really clearly from 2 on and her comprehension was spot on. We where grocery shopping and she asked for some marshmallows. In the interest of a peaceful shopping trip I said, Alright, but Trin, Look at me... DO NOT eat that whole bag.
Ok Mommy....
When we made it to the check out line I looked down, noticed what appeared to be an empty marshmallow bag and gasped... TRIN!! I told you not to eat the whole bag!
Mommy, I didn't.... she produces one lone smushed marshmallow from the bottom of the bag.... Look, there is one left!
She looked so proud of herself, too. Jesse laughed and told me to be more specific next time.
While I was paying she was tugging on my sleeve, Mommy... can I have the last marshmallow, now?
I ask you, could you have resisted?

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