Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Going Ons ...

Stacy- You are in my heart, thoughts and most of all, my prayers. I am SO sorry for your loss, sweetie. 

The blog has been neglected in favor of gardening, illness, and a wedding. 

My sister informed me a couple of weeks ago that I am "sickly". Thanks Toad. I was defensive, of course, because I have always been really healthy except for the occasional bout of strep (of which I am a carrier). I got to thinking about it though and she is right. I have been sick constantly since I got pregnant with Ari. I chalked it up to be allergic to my cats. I have been muddling through in what Jesse calls "crisis management mode" ....battling headaches, sinus infections, earaches and fatigue as they occur. I take an arsenal of allergy meds, breath steam, vacuum constantly and take a bunch of immunity boosting vitamins. My medicine cabinet is ridiculous and it is time to be pro-active.

I have been researching some of my symptoms. Some of the unusual reactions I have had to alcohol and the itchy fleeting rashes I have been getting seem to be related to yeast. So I am doing an elimination diet. Apparently gluten and cassien allergies are quite common, particularly as you get older (ACK! I found a silver hair this week!!). So, I am cutting wheat gluten and dairy to see how it makes me feel. It's only day two, but I have to say that last night for the first time in a very long time I was able to breath at night. The pollen count is SO high right now that our vehicles are all green and I spent quite a lot of time digging in the garden and pulling weeds yesterday! So, WOW! I really expected to be miserable last night! I stocked up on fresh produce, nuts, dried fruit, and tea today. It's going to suck giving up bread and milk, but if I can breath I will totally do it!

In other news, I shot my cousin's wedding last weekend. I was SO nervous I couldn't even bring myself to blog about it. Everyone in my family is convinced I am a "talented" photographer and I was really feeling the pressure! Combined with the fact that you can't reshoot a wedding, I learned my flash on the spot and I still had the kids to contend with I was pretty much a walking ulcer.  Jesse did a decent job keeping the kids and helping me arrange poses, but it certainly wasn't an ideal situation. It was a Murphy's Law sort of day, too. I spent more time crying than the bride! I am really nervous to process the pictures... I need to just get it done. Jesse took over the second half of the reception so I could sooth Ari. She had enough of Dada and fell asleep in my arms to the soothing sound of "Doing the Butt". Sheesh, if I had known that was all it took she would have had a stereo system in her room months ago! It was a really cool wedding, btw, and everyone had an awesome time!

Jesse has been staining the table that the very old Singer came in. I can't wait to post pictures of it finished! He has done an amazing job and we are both absolutely appalled that anyone would paint over such beautiful wood! He hand sanded it down and is carefully building layers of red mahogany stain on it now. 

I'll try to post some pictures of the kids at the wedding soon. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ariya's Area....

Ariya said Happy and Cookie today. I am pretty sure in her world they mean the same thing. 

Who am I kidding? In MY world they mean the same thing


Friday, April 17, 2009

Look What I Made!

Sylver hurt herself yesterday, poor baby. To make her feel better I made her a dress out of her favorite fabric ever (the pink chick fabric on the pocket and lining the hood). She LOVES it and it's as soft and cozy as it looks. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Every So Often...

Something comes along that makes you laugh and cry at the same time ... 

Enjoy the chuckle!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wow... Just Wow

Seriously Worth Clicking On


A reminder to never judge a book by it's cover. 


Friday, April 10, 2009

The Creation Station...

Is still humming along. I made the above outfit for Ari and Paperless Towels (soft flannel on oneside and durable Bamboo/Hemp twill on the other side). Sylver's machine is finally finished-I wish you could see it in person! Jesse did an awesome job for her! He made the color and put indigo and silver metalic with a touch of pearl in it. Truly lovely. Her name, according to Sylver, is Jewely (Julie). 

Also, I found an amazing antique Singer 201 in the cabinet w/ storage bench for $25 at Goodwill this week! This machine sells for $150-$300 on eBay, but she will be staying put. She works perfectly! I spent some time polishing the tarnish off, buffing her paint, and oiling/cleaning her. A Very Old, Elegant, Lady... her birthday is April 15, 1941 according to her serial #. Jesse is going to refinish the cabinet for me and I am going to re-upholster the bench. It is so amazing to find something so old that works exactly the way it was engineered to. I smashed some new technology with a hammer this week (a stupid piece o' crap cordless phone, long story), so I am feeling particularly appreciative of things that work the way they are supposed to. 

Ariya's Area....

Bri-  Catchlights :) 

How am I gonna get Daddy OUT of this thing??

Ariya's favorite pastime is emptying my diaper bag. She reached up to pull it down while I was taking her picture and I said, No, No, No, Ari. 

She responded with... well, that. 

Anyone know where she gets that? Anyone?

Trinity is the Funniest 4 year old I Know

Sylver tried to teach Trin to skateboard at her request. Trin quickly decided that HER way was much more fun! The pictures say more than I ever could. 

Sylver's the Coolest 8 year old I Know

Sylver's New Bangs...

She is teaching herself to skateboard... yes, she is barefoot, she comes by that honest. I hate shoes too. She dressed herself in that cute little ensemble... I am absolutely certain I didn't buy them together. I am glad she is expressing herself through fashion... she enjoys putting together outfits and loves to go through my fabric and request certain combinations. 

I love living in a cul-de-sac full of kids and families. This neighborhood and my neighbors (Hi Lis!) are really such a blessing. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for bringing us here. 

And yes, Sylver really is that cool. 

Talyn's Haircut Picture...

Here is the promised picture of Talyn's New Do :) 

Veeeery GQ, don't ya think?

-Shaking Head - I am in SO much trouble with this little looker, aren't I?