Friday, April 10, 2009

The Creation Station...

Is still humming along. I made the above outfit for Ari and Paperless Towels (soft flannel on oneside and durable Bamboo/Hemp twill on the other side). Sylver's machine is finally finished-I wish you could see it in person! Jesse did an awesome job for her! He made the color and put indigo and silver metalic with a touch of pearl in it. Truly lovely. Her name, according to Sylver, is Jewely (Julie). 

Also, I found an amazing antique Singer 201 in the cabinet w/ storage bench for $25 at Goodwill this week! This machine sells for $150-$300 on eBay, but she will be staying put. She works perfectly! I spent some time polishing the tarnish off, buffing her paint, and oiling/cleaning her. A Very Old, Elegant, Lady... her birthday is April 15, 1941 according to her serial #. Jesse is going to refinish the cabinet for me and I am going to re-upholster the bench. It is so amazing to find something so old that works exactly the way it was engineered to. I smashed some new technology with a hammer this week (a stupid piece o' crap cordless phone, long story), so I am feeling particularly appreciative of things that work the way they are supposed to. 

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