Monday, February 2, 2009

Trinity's World

Trinity is four, which translates in to "Extremely Literal"

While making dinner tonight, the busiest time of the day, Trin was snacking on dried out fruit. Ariya was trying to convince Trin to give her some, but I had already warned Trin that it was a choke hazard. 

Trinity was giving me a long drawn out play by play about how she was NOT giving Ari any of the fruit, and I was half listening/half tuning her out while I worked around the kitchen. 

"Thanks for Sharing, Trin" I kind of mindlessly put out there at a pause in the conversation.... meaning thanks for sharing her little story. 

"But Mommy, I'm NOT sharing! You said DON'T share!" I was startled out of my work trance by Jesse laughing and assuring Trin that she still wasn't to share the fruit. 

And in other news....

Have you guys seen those commercials "I am a scientist" on the Discovery Channel?? Catchy little I am a scientist song.... the kids have been singing that song with their own words all day. 

Talyn has been dubbed the Weird-ing-tist by Sylver.
Ari has been dubbed the Squidgy-tist by Talyn. (Squidgy according to Talyn is Cute and Squishy)
Trinity has been dubbed the Cute-ing-tist by Trinity, LOL.
Sylver managed to escape a tist title, although I am not sure how. 

And I will be VERY grateful if I wake up in the morning and that song is not running over and over again in my head. 

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