Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hangin' in the ER...

Jesse and I spent a fun filled evening at the ER with Ari. She had a 105.7, not a typo. She has a virus, so does Sylver. Might be swine flu, but the test is so incredibly inaccurate they aren't testing for it unless the parents insist. They said the flu is rampant right now and everyone there was wearing masks. The girls should both be fine in a couple of days. Ari got a cath test that she didn't even cry for, came back clean. She also got a finger stick that didn't bother her at all until they put a bandaid on it. Then she freaked out until we took it off, little goof!

There was a little girl that came in right before Ari... I overheard them say she had swallowed a metal hairclip. On the way out I saw the family checking out and she was the cutest little cherub ever! A Shirley Temple head full of curls in RED! Such a huge happy grin on that little one, as well! She was so pleased with herself, LOL. I normally find ER visits to be quite depressing, but this one wasn't bad at all.

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