Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ariya's Area

Sylver taught Ari "soft touches" on Quinny this week. She calls all the cats "Popeye", BTW. She is really learning to communicate with words lately. When she was petting Quin she said, Niiiiiice. When I call her brother or sisters she hollers for them too (Bub Bub and EEEYaw!) You have to pay attention, but she says a whole lot of words! She is also quite strong willed. At dinner she tries to climb out of the high chair and on to the table or my lap. If she doesn't respond to gentle correction or distraction I put her on the floor. Most babies this age are easily swayed by distraction, but she gets something in her head and WILL. NOT. LET. IT. GO. She comes by that honest. She sleeps through the night finally! 12 hours! She won't take more than a 45 minute nap twice a day and only if I lay with her. But, honestly, I'll take it!

She was playing in the dry cat food tonight and Jesse said, Ari No, No, No... Ari looked up and nodded her head YES and put her hand back in the bowl. 

I went to Target today with Ari and Angel while Jesse took the older children to see Race to Witch Mountain. Ari was sing songing every word she knows in the Target and people where just falling all over themselves for her! It was so sweet! A teenage stock boy actually giggled at her, LOL. 

And in Kitten News, Luca had a litter of SEVEN last night! WOW! We have never had a litter this big before! She did awesome and we didn't loose any... one is worrying me a little, so we will see about him, but the rest all look really good. 

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