Friday, March 6, 2009

Around the House This Week

It's been an extremely chaotic/ busy couple of weeks. We have all been fighting a nasty virus that is still lingering. We moved Ari in to Trin's room and moved Sylver in to her own room. That involved the dismantling and re-assembling of 3 rooms  (aka complete and utter MAYHEM for about 5 days solid). We said goodbye to my Gram who will be living in Georgia with one of my aunts. I miss her terribly and so do the children. 
Sylver had her first experience with death. We lost another one of Anna's babies about 3 days after the litter was born. Sylver brought her to me and we tried to help her, but she was just too little and under-developed, so we thought it would be kinder to let her cuddle with her momma in her last moments.  Sylver found her a little while later and really took it hard. My poor baby. Jesse says if we lived on a farm the way people used to she would be used to it already.... and we would be eating many of her "pets".  I think that was supposed to make me feel better.... it didn't quite hit the mark, LOL. 
Ari has an ear infection and is cutting teeth-making her a real JOY to be around. That's sarcasm. She is killing me. Really. My saving grace is that now that she is sleeping in another room so I can generally get about 4-6 hours uninterrupted at night... It makes my 4:30-6:30 wake up call almost bearable. almost. Ari had her first pig tails this week as well-pictures are coming! You all remember the e-mails with Sylver's first pigtails at almost 3 years old, right?! Ari marches to her OWN beat. She is an amazingly powerful little force of nature. She will be a year at the end of this month and I just can't believe it!
Talyn is off for a weekend slumber party with  Tommy, Tyler, and Danny. I am sure they are still awake as I type this. 
Trin had a little TOO much fun yesterday with Adrian (her BFF), and her siblings. We got a pretty good snowstorm Monday (a foot?). It's melting now, and the weather is really nice. Makes for MUDDY messes. She came in yesterday with mud water In. Her. Hair. HER HAIR, for crying out loud! Needless to say, she went right in to the shower. 
Trin isn't quite at the age where we do formal homeschooling with her but when I homeschool the older two she INSISTS on working right along with them. She is doing GREAT too! Sylver has taken it upon herself to teach Trin beginning reading skills. That is one of the most rewarding things about teaching my children-watching them turn around and teach each other! 
I think that's all the major happenings. 

Weeks like this fly by and the small moments and details that make life so full seem to get lost in the blur. 

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