Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Creation Station...

Sylver got a Featherweight 221 that Daddy painted a luscious lavender for her! We are putting it back together and applying new decals, so pictures will likely be a week or more. We took her Christmas machine back to Sears because I was tired of it making her cry and stopping every 30 seconds to rethread it for her. We decided to get her a Featherweight because it is practically indestructible and she can hand it down to her children. No computer, all metal, does straight stitch and reverse and does it perfectly. Anything fancier that she needs can be accomplished with an attachment or by using my machine. 

I have been working on the above projects for the last week. I used fabrics that I wouldn't cry about if I messed up too badly. I am glad I did! I got halfway through the patchwork ball before I realized that my High School Geometry class left me poorly equipped for life, LOL, so I started over. I am super happy with it now! My sister is visiting and will be taking this with her. Then I started on the dress. It is a super stretchy rib... ie a VERY good learning experience for working with knits. I ripped out the neckline twice before nailing it the 3rd time. This dress is going to live with Adrian next door... I took it to her tonight and she was SO sweet! "OH, Ms. Jennie, THANK YOU!" I can't wait to take some modeling pictures of her when the weather warms up! 

It's not perfect, but I really learn so much just by DOING that I am really building my confidence. I am really raring to go now! I am going to make a few more patchwork balls for gifts this week and then tackle a new dress pattern for a certain little one's 2 year Birthday ;) 

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