Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kitten Korner

Just a small update on Luca's babies. I stayed up last night trying to save the little one I was worried about, but we lost her this morning. This is the hard part of breeding. Kitten mortality in breeding programs is about 30%. So far, we have been well below that. It still really sucks though and I doubt I will ever get used to it. I kept Sylver far away from this litter. The rest of the babies are thriving and doing well, despite Luca's milk only coming in today. We are still going to supplement for a couple more days, but not around the clock anymore. The babies are starting to reject the formula which is excellent. 
And Anna's babies, two little blue bicolor boys, are about 5 weeks now. They are litter training and being socialized... not that they need it. Whenever I come out of my bedroom they run over and kiss my toes. They cry to be picked up and are just the sweetest little guys. That's the fun, rewarding part of breeding.
The picture above is "Beautiful Gorgeous" from Sammy's first litter. These babies will be going home at the end of the month. This is the litter that the little survivor runt is from. . She taught me not to give up on the little ones. She is a really special little baby- I call her a Tea Cup Ragdoll because she is a perfect minature Ragdoll. We have taken to calling her Tea'. She will be going to live with my mom in Florida this summer and I know they will be as enchanted by Tea' as we all are. 
edited on Wednesday Chloe had 6 babies this morning! It's a Spring Time Baby BOOM here! Gotta go return some kitten inquiries :) 

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