Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sylver's Sharing Swing

Sometimes I feel that Sylver is at a disadvantage .... She isn't the Charismatic Wrecking Ball that Talyn is, the Charming Tornado Bulldozer Trin is or the Adorable Bundle of Fire Engine that Ari is. She is more like the swing in the backyard.... a lot of fun when you pay attention to her, but content to just kind of sway in the breeze until you notice her. She is quiet, kind, generous, trusting, truthful and selfless. She will give her loved ones the shirt off her back with joy. She is also fiery, indignant and LOUD when she notices that life isn't fair. She is moody and sensitive. She is incredibly smart and compassionate. She has a quirky sense of humor and isn't afraid to rival her siblings in gas contests (she belches the ABCs like a pro!). Most of all she is observant. She notices the little blessings in life and knows without any doubt who to thank for them. She notices when others need prayers and she acts on it. She sits at the knee of our Heavenly Father and asks for help for others and she doesn't call attention to it.  When we have our one on one mommy daughter dates I am always shocked at how much she has to say! I am thoroughly enjoying watching her grow in to a little lady. 

Some Things You Might Not Know About Sylver-

1. She kissed Ari yesterday and Ari said EWWWWWW. This made Sylver giggle and do it again. 

2. She quite certain she doesn't want to have babies-They are cute, but a LOT of work and kind of a pain.... oh, and HEAVY. (Thank Ari for that one!). And that whole business about how they get out is a deal breaker in her 8 year old opinion, LOL. 

3. When she was two years old she was walking up the stairs ahead of my BFF and she stopped when she was eye level with her. She turned around, touched Heather on the nose and said, "God Loves You and He Loves Me Too".  She wasn't a very clear speaker at that point, but she was crystal clear on that. 

4. She is VERY stubborn. Don't try to make her do something she doesn't want to with force, it makes her dig her heels in even more. I can't imagine where she gets that (JESSE). 

5. She loves to dance, sing and any kind of creative art (painting, fabric dye, sewing, drawing, crafting). She is shy though, so she generally won't do the singing and dancing unless she is feeling particularly bold. But she has great rhythm and a really sweet singing voice. 

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