Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Creation Station and Sylver's Projects

While the weather outside is snowy, icey and VERY cold, I have been busy organizing our "Creation Station".... washing, ironing and putting away fabric, and learning how to use not only my embroidery machine, but my serger. I took my embroidery class on Saturday and it was wonderful! I can't wait to sew some new stuff to embroider! I have always been a sucker for embroidery so to be able to do it myself is just awesome!
Sylver has the space to the left of the third picture. Her fabrics, sewing box, book and machine are stored there. The right of our long table is my fabrics, embroidery thread and patterns. My Gram's VERY old sewing book is there, as well as a vintage iron. FYI, Vintage Irons work better than the new irons. They get hotter, last longer (up to 30 years!) and are heavier...but they don't have auto off so you can't leave them on! They have these really cool cloth cords and they just wear like.... well, like iron! The cutting table has my inspiration poster board, the cutting mat, and my embroidery machine.
You can see Sylver sewing up some car pillows for herself, her friends and her brother. She is patient, focused and has learned to thread her machine herself. FYI, her lips are blue from a ring pop and she lost her bottom right tooth, so she is sporting an slight but oh so adorable lisp right now! She informed me yesterday that she doesn't have a sweet tooth because they are ALL sttttthhhhweet. She is such a little candy fanatic!

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