Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snowing In The City

Today Jesse and I decided we wanted to do something outside of the normal weekend errands. The constant grey dreary of winter breeds this sort of "Road Trip!" mentality. We took Talyn, Sylver and Ari to South Street. Trinity stayed behind to spend the afternoon playing with her BFF. Trin is .... impulsive, so walking city streets with my little tornado-bulldozer is something I was happy to avoid. I wanted to check out "Fabric Row" (FWIW, not all that impressed) and the kids haven't really been to the city, outside of a couple of museums.  It wasn't as crowded as it normally is on a Saturday being that it is only 34 degrees out and the forecast was 1-3 inches of snow. Parking was easily found and the snow held off until we where headed home at 5 and wasn't bad at all once it did start. We bundled up, ate at a small South Street eatery (mediocre) and walked around. We admired the old cobblestone streets, the little secluded courtyards, the amazing building art, the glass tiled mosaic buildings, the people with mohawk and piercings (don't stare, please, just smile, and NO you can't have one), the one cool shop with giant ants "climbing" all over the front of it and visited a couple of eclectic shops. We "picked" icicles and Jesse delighted Talyn and Sylver by destroying them in new, fun ways. Jesse and I quietly laughed while deliberately redirecting curious eyes from the more risque shops. I was very glad to be there to shield their little eyes! Ari enjoyed the day snuggled up contentedly with Daddy and snoozed off and on. We didn't buy anything, outside of food, but that wasn't really the point. We all had rosy cheeks and a day spent together to store in the memory box in our hearts (and our blog!).  It was fun to find the beauty in the city. I really dislike the city, so living so close to such an old historic city is kind of wasted on me. Seeing it with the children and pointing out the ways that people find to make it beautiful was really eye opening for me, and I hope for them. It was easy to find the "yuck" but focusing on the really interesting things made it easier to find more of them! We found "adventure" in the things that adults tend to forget out. The ship graveyard and driving on top of a building (parking garage) where as cool and exciting for them as the stunning painted art that graces the sides of buildings. 
It's snow/sleeting now and the kids have been sent to bed twice... I'm sure at some point they will stay there. It's cozy and warm and we are very blessed. 
Thank You Heavenly Father for Your Grace. 

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