Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Expert Seam Ripper (aka Adventures in Sewing)

I have taken up sewing... I got a sewing machine and lessons for my birthday and some more lessons and an embroidery machine for Christmas. My sewing was taking over our nourishment center (dining room) so Jesse put up a workspace for me in the basement and it's ON! LOL
This was my first real piece of clothing (the first one doesn't count!).
Alright, I will 'fess up. Part of my PPD is really bad insomnia. A couple of times a week I can' t take the lack of sleep anymore and I will take an ambien. Last week I had one of those nights and didn't go to bed... that is ALWAYS a mistake, LOL. Apparently I decided that I could be Donna Karan and whip up a shirt while talking on the phone with my sister. In the morning an entire spool of thread was gone, my seam ripper had run away screaming and there was something resembling floral roadkill on my sewing table. Let's just say it is a Sewing Hall of Shame Masterpiece. But, it all ended well, because I made a "normal" one that is only slightly messed up. Not bad for my first try!

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