Friday, January 30, 2009

A Full Decade.... aka Talyn is TEN!

I can't believe 10 years flew by so quickly. I feel like the mom of a 4 year old and an infant... a ten year old... nope, not possible.

Talyn had a very nice birthday! He went to Friendly's with me, the girls, Greatie, Mr. Jim and Grandma (who flew in for a few days!). He got a remote control car from Mr. Jim that he couldn't wait to take home and try out on the frozen tundra that is our backyard! He got e-mail wishes and phone calls, cards and some money for his savings account (his doing! He doesn't want to spend it!). He also gets to go to a car show with Grandpa in the morning! He is up late playing video games with Daddy for a special treat. Speaking of special treats we got him a cupcake Cake from the local supermarket and not only was it Delish it was FUN! We fingerpainted with the primary color icing to make all kinds of cool colors and then the girls and I had a frosting food fight, LOL. I won. 

That "You'll Be Grounded for LIFE" card works every time. 

He has reminded me at least a dozen times today that in 3 years he will be a TEENAGER and go completely crazy, consequently causing me to sprout at least 5 more grey hairs!

In honor of our little man who is going to be taller than me very shortly,  here are some Talynism's

1. Ridiclee US (ridiculous)
2. Remembory (some strange memory and remember hybrid)
3. Tofogropher -still says this one!- (Photographer)
4. Ka SplO sion (explosion)
5. Baby Soup (bathing suit)

And Talyn's quote of the day... (mind you this is before my morning cup of coffee, so it was ESPECIALLY out of the blue). 

"If Daddy sat on my face and farted I would have to go to the hospital for 3rd degree burns"

Thanks Talyn :)

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