Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Other Random Pictures....

I took a bunch of pictures off my memory card and realized I am WAY behind, LOL. I have pictures from Fall, Cori's baby shower, Christmas, and everything in between I took and meant to share. So in the interest of playing catch up (and making Grandma VERY happy!), Here are some random pictures from the last few months. I will be posting more as I process them, so look for new pictures every other day or so (that's my goal, anyway!).
The last pictures I took of Ari before I gave her bangs... that barrette stayed in for the fifteen minutes it took to take these pictures. She's such a booger, though, because she wore a barrette ALLLLLL day long the day after I cut her bangs.... that's Daddy's Little Girl, right there!

These are the moments that I fully grasp the reality that our Father in Heaven loves Me... 
It's so incredibly amazing and humbling. 
Little Vinnie, snoozing away today. He didn't feel well, poor little cherub :( Feverish and sleepy. Cori is taking him to the pediatrician (Apple Dr. Gate) in the morning. 

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