Saturday, February 6, 2010

Famous Last Words...

Remember the last post where I said, Praise God I got sick last week because I couldn't imagine caring for everyone else while sick, too. Well, I just HAD to say it, didn't I?

I relapsed, really really badly. Jesse asked me, the first time I had it, if I wanted him to take me to the hospital.... if he and Talyn hadn't been so sick, this time I would have let him actually do it. It was bad. I am recovering, but I really can't believe how weak I feel. It's the strangest feeling, for me.  Everyone else is on the mend, but I feel a wet overcooked noodle. 

My husband's answer to my puzzlement at being able to get the same virus twice within a week was,
Well, you didn't rest enough the first time....


Why didn't I think of that?

That is sarcasm... but if I really think about about it, it's funny how sometimes the most obvious, easy answer is right. And how often we make it more complicated than it should ever be.

We are snowed in for the weekend. It started a few hours ago and it's so beautiful and peaceful...

So, I will Praise God for that blessing and accept His Call to Be Still and Rest.

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