Monday, February 8, 2010

Our First Day...

With Vinnie! Cori went back to work today :( ... she was so sad. BUT, the bright spot is we get to watch Vinnie 4 days a week!
It was exhausting and joyful!
Ari went back and forth between claiming him as HER baby while ordering us all away from him and trying to shove him off my lap, LOL. She wanted to share all of her food with him, steal his bottle and hold him. She dragged a pillow over to the foot of his swing and sat on it to watch him sleep while she noshed on goldfish... when she tired of that she took it upon herself to wake him up so he could further entertain her. She was too funny!  By the end of the day she was tired of sharing her mommy and I had more babies than arms/lap.... isn't that the best?!
Vinnie is adorable and sweet, of course... he really likes Jesse's deep voice and Talyn's antics- he smiled and babbled at both of them. Talyn, Sylver and Trin all argued over who got to do what for him, which I hope doesn't wear off too quickly!
I took pictures of our record setting snowstorm. I will try to upload them tomorrow, before we get another foot or two!
I am going to bed... before midnight!

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