Monday, August 31, 2009


You HAVE to go to and check out the divorce cakes! I don't generally find anything funny about divorce, but I'll make an exception for these! The one with the groom's feet sticking out from underneath the upside down cake "Wizard of OZ" style is priceless! The garbage one is hand's down my favorite, though.

Go, Laugh!

edited to add... I just realized that Saturday was Jesse and I's 11 year anniversary because the cakewreck lady celebrated HER anniversary the same day. Kind of strange that's the day she chose to do the divorce cakes.
Anyway, we aren't big anniversary people so it's not unusual that we forgot. We forgot our 10 year until September 29... on that day I glanced at the calender and said, Hey Jess, I think it's our 10 year anniversary today and He said, Um, hon, I am pretty sure we where married in August. LOL
We are doing something big for 20 though! Maybe the barefoot on the beach vow renewal and an engagement ring. Only 9 more years to save money and get in shape for the white sundress! Better get on it.

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