Saturday, August 1, 2009

Talyn Learns Irony and Ari learns a new skill....

My family is once again all under one roof! Ariya was absolutely delighted to see Talyn and Sylver! It was so incredibly sweet- she smiled, squealed and ran to them. Of course they are all now irritating each other, just like normal.

Ariya is my little helper. She toddled over to the open dishwasher today while I was putting dishes away and took two spoons out. She then toddled over to the open silverware drawer and while teetering on her tip toes, put them in! She also took a gift bag to the trashcan yesterday! She couldn't open it (it's a step on lid) so she stood there and screeched at me until I did it. I may have finally gotten a neat freak child! Woot Woot!!

And one more "remembory" from Talyn before I go fall in to bed. Last night he asked me to kill a daddy long legger that had taken up residence in the kitten room. I grabbed a random book and went to take care of the little interloper and then his buddy in the other corner. I put the book down and started to tidy up the room. About 20 seconds later Talyn says,

"Mom, That's not right."

I look up and wrinkle my forehead at him, "What??"

"You just killed those spiders with "Charlotte's Web""

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