Tuesday, June 16, 2009


has a phenomenal imagination. She makes my little pony villages around her treehouse in living room and will play with them for hours. That orange striped box in the picture (click on it to see it bigger) has been a cave, a boat, a hat and the cat scratching pads that where in it became the pony's airplane. I love to sit near by, pretend to read a book and listen to her spin her tales in her imaginary world. She has a really sharp sense of humor and that comes out in her play. She is pretty darn cute, too! She is losing the baby look more every day and really lengthening out. She is starting to look less like a preschooler and more like a kid... SIGH...I don't recall giving her permission to do that.

Shameless Child Bragging Over.

For Now ;)

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