Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some Blessings to Celebrate!

I am going to be an aunt!!




Both Cori, my baby sister-ACK!!,  and Brandi, my super awesome sister-in-law, have announced their pregnancies. 

This is Cori's first with her husband, Mike, and they are due on black Friday! No shopping this year, sweetie {{hugs}}.

Brandi and Josh have our little Krynnies already, moochies cutie! They will be welcoming the newest little bean at the end of January! Of course, if Krynnie's prediction is correct, Josh and Brandi are in for a BIG surprise at Chuckie Cheese! 

I am predicting boys for both and since I am ALWAYS wrong wrong wrong, it's going to be girls for both of you, LOL. Poor Talyn and Caleb NEED some testosterone around here though! Speaking of Caleb, the video of him eating applesauce had us laughing our heads off! He is SO priceless. We fall in love a little more with every picture and video. 

We love you guys SO much and are just thrilled for you. We can't wait to meet our newest family members. 

Remember, my sweet sisters, to wear sunscreen (LOL, is it just me or is that song on every 15 minutes?!).  Honestly though, I want to tell you that this season is so incredibly short and it passes in the blink of an eye. Stop for a moment every day and admire the small details that God has woven together so carefully and lovingly in your life. Store them away in your heart. In the end that love is the only thing that will stand the test of time. Everything else that seems big, stressful and important right now will fade in to the past. But those moments and the love God will show you through your children will last forever. You are both loved more than you know. I pray that God will bless you both with uneventful and pampered pregnancies and beautiful healthy babys' ..... babies that sleep through the night 8 solid hours and only cry when wet or hungry... can't hurt to ask, right? 

And seriously, wear sunscreen. ;)

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