Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ariya's Area...

Ari continues to leap forward at a staggering rate! Her vocabulary has really taken off... for example, she thinks hair is called OW and French Fries are called HOT... three guesses why, LOL. She also has Pizza, Popeye, Bye Bye, Ni Night, and Ba Ba down. She calls our neighbor La La, Sylver is EEEEYA, Talyn is still Talyn! clear as day when she feels like it and Bub Bub when she doesn't. Trinity gets hugs (aaaa-waaaa) and mooches more than all of us combined. MINE has come out this week, as well. What she can't communicate in words she is consistantly doing in signs -More, All Done and Eat. We are working on Book and Drink this week.
Gramma is here and will be taking Trin and Sylver to Florida with her for ten days on Tuesday! When Trin comes back with Aunt Angel, Sylver will be attending horse camp in Florida. Talyn will be flying to Florida with Aunt Angel to spend the last two weeks in July with Sylver, Gramma and Poppa. Trin and Talyn will go to our church's summer kids club the week Aunt Angel is here and I will be doing the photography for it again. When Talyn leaves, Trin will be going to Praise Dance camp for a week! So all in all a SUPER BUSY month coming up!

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