Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reason #237 to Pick Up Your Dirty Laundry...

Tonight while I was downstairs I heard a blood curling baby scream coming from upstairs... it was of the "I bumped my head" variety, not the "I am gushing blood" variety (yes, I really can tell the difference- it's all in the pitch, LOL). I heard Jesse go running, so I figured it was under control. Then, I heard him laughing so hard he could barely talk. Ari's latest skill is to try to dress herself. She uses diapers (clean), blankets (mostly clean) and, now, Daddy's Boxers (ummm, Not Clean). And as if that wasn't bad enough, she got her head STUCK IN THEM. So, no, she didn't bump her head, she was STUCK IN DIRTY DADDY UNDERWEAR and was, understandably, horrified. Even her little baby mind knew, This is Wrong, SO. VERY. WRONG.

My poor poor baby. I better start saving for the therapy that is going to require right now.

Life is busy, never boring :)

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