Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Funny Pictures

First up is the look of disgust on Vinnie's face when Trin kissed him... seriously Priceless!!

Next up is Ari "helping" Sylver Rollerblade. She actually dragged Sylver along at times, knocking her off balance.

And this is why we love our Raggies so much... Popeye's big ole' butt in Ari's dainty little doll stroller and he stayed there for as long as she wanted to wheel him around! The cat in the corner is Lola and she just came over to sniff him and ask him if he had any dignity at all, lol. (FYI, I made the nightgown Ari is wearing! & excuse her cute little bedhead). Jess says Popeye got in the stroller all on his own.

Trinity "snowboarding" on a 60 degree day!! We got so much snow that there are STILL snow piles sitting in our yard!

Jesse and the little Vin Man getting in some quality reading time...

And one more cause it makes me smile :)

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