Thursday, March 4, 2010

Talyn's Weekly Food for Thought...

Talyn's perception amazes me sometimes... he questions EVERYTHING. It can be really irritating if you can't answer his questions to his satisfaction and really thought provoking, at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I want my children to question everything. God made us to question, so that He can provide the answers. Besides, believing something simply because someone says or believes it is never a good thing. It's just, sometimes I feel like I am putting together a puzzle and the end result will never truly be visible. Plugging away day by day, trying to raise respectful yet questioning children with a heart for Jesus, while attempting to walk that line between sheltering them and smothering them... filling their minds with knowledge and their hearts with true purpose. It's a responsibility that can feel thankless and impossible. That balance beam can feel 1/8th inch wide. I often secretly wonder if I am really messing this up. Then there are the days that complete strangers  will come up to me to let me know how amazing they think my children are, how even when I am not watching they more often than not will make the correct choice or the days that people who have known them their whole lives let me know that they are just blown away at how cool and smart my kids are.... reminding me that the path God chooses is always better than the one you could pick.

And then today, Talyn reminded me that while I may plant the seeds, HE is growing them. 

On a fly by to the kitchen he comes out with... "Hey Mom, I was watching this documentary on Oil Use and one of the men said "I don't care who you worship, Oil is your God.""... he paused for a second and I waited to see where he was going to take this, with a small amount of dread. "Where does he think the oil came from??" he chuckled a little bit and bounced in to the kitchen for a snack.
Talyn knows, scientifically, how oil is made and produced (and it's economic and environmental effects) ... but he doesn't accept that all the elements appearing where they are is some cosmic coincidence, even though many of the science shows we watch hard sell that theory.

And, once again, I am amazed at the way he is made. What a seriously cool kid :)

FYI the documentary was  A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash. It's in netflix's instant watch library.

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