Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trinity's World

A picture of Trin at Summer Kids Club ... I ran an action on all the pictures to make them seem older to go with the craft, which was an old looking frame. She had a great time, as did all the kids. We saw record numbers this year! I didn't get to stay to see the slideshow on Friday night, though. Our water heater burst in the middle of the night Thursday so I had to come home and help clean while Jess and Uncle John put the new one in. It's just as well, I would have picked all my pictures a part anyway. What is that?! I recieved several enthusiastic compliments on the individuals and I had to fight the urge to say, They are really not that good.... I watched Heather get up at the quilt guild to share a quilt she had finished and it was really beautiful. She pointed out the flaws in it, though. So, I guess it's not just me who struggles with accepting compliments. Must be a girl thing, though, cause I don't know a single guy who has that problem.

Cute Trin Story from today... We got some glow sticks and let her have one at bedtime tonight. She put it in her mouth and I said that wasn't a good idea.
Why? she asked Will you DIE?!
No, I said, but it could make you sick. Besides it wouldn't taste good.
Really? she replies Have you tasted one?
Well, no, I say, but I am sure it wouldn't taste good because it's not food.
She ponders this for a moment and comes out with....Well, I think it's Jelly Bean Juice in there, but I won't eat it.

Being that I haven't actually tasted one, I guess I just can't know which of us is right, LOL.

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