Thursday, July 16, 2009

Talyn's Summer Vacation

Talyn left for Florida today with Aunt Angel. He was really apprehensive about flying today and it was hard to see him struggle with fear. He cried at the airport, but tried to be brave and quickly rubbed his tears away. That broke my heart. I cried on the way home. All part of growing up, I know. Both of us are growing.. he is learning to stand on his own faith and strength. I am learning when to let him stand strong... I am in constant conflict with that mothering instinct that screams in my head- QUICK! Pull him back in to the safe circle of our family and protect him always.

I told him on the way to the airport that when he felt fearful to pray about it. He looked at me in the rear view mirror with a DUH look on his face and said, Mom I prayed about it 5 times at summer kids club. I assured him that God was listening to each and every prayer. It brought me peace to know that he brought it to God first and then me.

The psalm at Summer Kids Club today was Be Still and Know That I am God.

I think I will go do that for awhile.

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