Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Jet Set Girls and Some Happy News!

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Cori had the BIG ultrasound this week. My nephew, Vincent Michael, will join our family in November. Talyn is relieved, to put it lightly.

The girls enjoyed their stay with Gramma-I took some pictures of them right before they left. It was so hard to see Trinny go. It was her first year and she looked so little standing at the airport. When I was loading up their luggage I found that Sylver had labeled her backpack. Triny did really well with the separation. She is home already! That ten days went really fast. Talyn will join Sylver in Florida with Gramma on Thursday and then our family will be reunited at the end of the month! Sylver will spend next week at horse camp and she only found out about it tonight! She is just Over The Moon!! What a huge blessing for her and us. Thank You very much Heavenly Father for my mother. She is an amazing grandmother.

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