Saturday, May 9, 2009

This week...

Here are the wedding pictures of the kids I promised last week. Check out little man groovin'! Sylver looked so elegant and was shy, but did hit the dance floor once with Grandma Izzy, who also looked elegant and is NEVER shy! Trin is the one in the purple dress dancing in the middle of all her cousins (well, 2nd cousins)-click on the picture to see it bigger. The picture of Ari was outside the church with Talyn after the ceremony while I was doing the formal bridal party shots. She is getting really super close to walking- CRUD! She has stood up on her own several times in the last two days. Tonight she stood up and shook her little booty to the beat of music, so she definitely has the balance down. She danced all day today, actually. Every time there was music she was bouncing to the beat. 

In other news...

I fell down Heather's stairs on Monday and sprained my ankle, again. It hasn't been right since I broke it a couple of years ago, and I sprain it a couple times a year it seems. Honestly, I am just SO sick of the stupid thing. It never gives me a warning, just completely gives out occasionally. When we have health insurance I will have it looked at. It may need a pin or something. It's healing now, still sore and swollen at the end of the day. 

Jesse also had a really rough week. He came home at 7 on Thursday looking awful. He kind of stumbled past me. I was sitting at the dining room table teaching Melissa to sew a dress for her daughter. I said, What's wrong, baby? and He kind of mumbled something about being sick and disappeared down the stairs to our bedroom. Melissa and I where both alarmed, particularly when I realized his car wasn't in the driveway (his car is his BABY and no-one but my mom is allowed to drive it without arm twisting and bribery). After I sent Melissa home I went downstairs and he was passed out in bed. I felt his head, no fever, and I tried to wake him to see if he was ok, but he wouldn't wake up. His color was good and he was breathing evenly so I left him alone. He got up once and said his head hurt and gave me a disjointed story about work, fumes and beer. Eventually I got the whole story at 5 am after he slept it off.  

So this is what happened....

He spent the morning working in the back of the shop, dismantling the paint booth to install a solvent recycler. My uncle invited him out to lunch and while at lunch they had a couple of beers, nothing major. When he got back he started working on the paint booth again and started to feel a little sick from the heat. He decided to go to the bathroom. What he didn't realize was that while he was at lunch his manager had decided to paint the bathroom next to the bathroom he was in with automotive paint. The two bathrooms are next to each other separated by drywall and each are literally the size of a 5x5 closet. They also share the same air duct sort of thing (it's really a hole along the back wall, that doesn't really push air as far as I can tell, so there is basically NO ventilation).  When Jesse walked in he inhaled the fumes from the fresh automotive paint ... it's a body shop, so it's not unusual to smell the fumes. Had he known that the bathroom literally inches from him was covered in automotive paint he would have been able to get out. It overtook him pretty quickly, he threw up, hit the floor, passed out and when he came to he could hear my uncle pounding on the door and screaming that he was gonna knock the door down. He doesn't really remember anything after that. He is really blessed to have not been seriously injured or killed. Those fumes are really serious! The painter has to wear a full body suit and a respirator when he paints! I am just praising God SO much that my uncle was there and smart enough to realize that something was really wrong and that Jesse was able to sleep it off. Had I known the whole story earlier I would have made him go to the ER. 

Thank You Heavenly Father for Your Love, Your Grace, Your Mercy, Your Protection and Your Healing. We just want to Praise and Worship You for being with us every step of every day. Thank You for your Perfect Plan. 

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