Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day...

If you haven't checked out Cake Wrecks today-You Need Too!!

We had a wonderful, fun, blessed Mother's Day! 

My wonderful hubby let me sleep in and cleaned the kitchen. I woke to the sound of tennis ball cannon and shrieks of delight from the backyard (and those where Jesse's, LOL). He made reservations for the Mother's Day Brunch Buffet at our favorite restaurant, McKenzies. We ate outside where the weather was perfect- too breezy for bugs, but not breezy enough to be annoying, 70 ish degrees, sunny! We had rain for NINE days straight so it was SO wonderful to be outside. The kids presented me with handmade cards that where priceless. The fabulous manager comped the kid's meals for a Mother's Day Gift! Then Jesse and Talyn went to the hardware store to buy stuff to make a bigger more powerful tennis ball cannon BOYS! The girls and I walked around the most charming little shopping center with all these cool crafty speciality little shops... A Tea Room, Bead Shop, Yarn Store, Natural Toy Store. I spent some time in the Quilt Store and picked some fabric for my Mother's Day Gift. Then the girls and I spent some time sitting in the sun on the lawn and enjoying the sun, breeze and each other's company while we waited for Jesse and Talyn to come back.  Then we went home where Jesse put the final coat of stain on my table, put up some new shelves over the creation station, and played with the new improved tennis ball cannon :) 
It was an awesome awesome day after a crappy week! Aren't those the best?! 
Thank You Heavenly Father!

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