Friday, June 11, 2010


I can't believe it's been so long since I posted! June already?!
I have said it so many times, but life just flies by when you have children growing like weeds right before your eyes. Speaking of weeds, they are completely out of control this year in my front garden. I re-mulched and the weeds laughed their way right through it :( Our strawberries, rosemary, roses, basil, lime and lemon balms, and lavender are all quite happy despite the unwelcome company!

We are surviving... treading water, really. Sometimes getting dunked under but God is always there to help us back up. Work comes in spurts for Jesse but there is always hope on the horizon. His ability to psychically work took a hit a couple weeks ago. He walked in to a spike on Uncle John's bike.....I mean, HARLEY (said with appropriate reverence, LOL) and literally speared his knee to the bone. A Dr. visit, a tetanus shot and a couple of weeks later he can sort of bend it. He ices it every night still.

Cori's last day at work is in two weeks. We are going to miss the little Vin Man, but she promises to bring him by a lot. I am so thrilled for her and Mike! He passed his apprentice-ship test with flying colors and was so happy to tell his wife to quit her job to raise their baby. She is over the moon :) I have loved watching my baby sister turn in to a mom. She makes me so proud!

I have been going to the Dr. constantly. My kidney disease has progressed to the point that I am on 6-7 different medications and I am going to need a biopsy in August. I would have it sooner, but I have some other things to take care of first. No worries, though. She isn't looking for cancer. The marker for that is negative. But the diseases that remain can only be diagnosed (and there for treated) with a biopsy. I will keep you all posted. Please keep me in your prayers.

The children have asked to "try" public school this coming year and after some discussion we have agreed. They are very excited, which I think is hysterical. Silly children, don't know how good they have had it :) I am sure there will be plenty to post about, come fall!

This is the summer of change and I am peaceful in God's Perfect Plan for us :)

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