Monday, September 21, 2009

We Could Use Some Prayers...

It's a difficult week for us, this week. Without going in to too many gory details, Jesse is under a tremendous amount of pressure and we are at a split in the road.... well, it's actually more like the END of the road with a big honkin' cliff on one half and a solid wall on the other. The Maaco will close it's doors permanently on Friday. All but a skeleton crew have already been let go and they aren't accepting any new business, just finishing what's in house. The crew could use your prayers, too, I am certain. It's not a great time to be looking for work. We know that it's been a long time coming. Still, it feels very sad and scary.

Here's to jumping off the cliff and landing softly... Jesse will be the one with his eyes wide open and shouts of glee all the way down... I'll be the one next to him with my eyes tightly shut and hands firmly on the parachute....

ummm, anyone seen my parachute?

If you are so led, please keep us in your prayers this week. We both need peace, rest, and the opening of doors that only God can provide.

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