Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Summer Summer ....

Ari meets Asher
The Jet Set Gang getting ready to take off!
Saying Goodbye to my Baby
The kids enjoying a summer rain shower
Silly officially hates my camera, lol.

A Summertime Fire Ari helped to build
Ari's New Dress from Gramma <3
Real Men Paint Toenails :)
Ari's Backyard Oasis
Mr. Jim and Ari enjoying some down time
Ari wearing a Mommy-Made Dress
The reason there aren't many pictures of my dude :)
The Birthday Princess
Ari giving Caleb's "Aunt Jennie Made" quilt a test run!
Caleb in his cool new ride sporting his Aunt Jennie PJs and Quilt
Krynnies wearing her Aunt Jennie made Dress
Trinny's little doppelganger wearing her Aunt Jennie Fairy Dress :)
Vinnie has resorted to eating his fingers to bulk up :)

Time, Time to Sit Back and Unwind.... sorry, Will Smith, not so much of the unwinding going on around here, but it's all good :)

The pictures above are just a small portion of how we have spent this super busy, super full, and super fun summer, so far!

The children have returned from their yearly Florida "pilgrimage" with my mom. Three weeks of fun in the sun for them and three weeks of "relaxation" (organizing, cleaning, and taking care of Ari) for me! It was really nice, TBH. They are home now, looking blonder, taller and tanner. We are scrambling to get everything ready for their first year in public school - uniforms (yes, in public school!), registration, testing, physicals, as well as school supplies/shoes/backpacks. We are just about wrapped up. Lis's pool is done so they are having a blast at "La La's" (Ari's affectionate nickname for Lis has become EVERYONES nickname for her, LOL).

Trin celebrated her 6th birthday this week. The highlight of her birthday, for me, was when her older siblings donated their arcade tickets to her so she could get a fancy tiara and wand from the prize booth. I was so proud of them <3

I am healing, learning and taking baby steps since my surgery. I have had a few victories (really successful weightloss, plus I am down 2 sizes already!) and a few setbacks (having to go back on my blood pressure meds after being taken off them was kind of a blow). Still, taking it one step at a time and focusing.
Ari has been talking in leaps and bounds lately, full on sentences and using proper pronouns and tenses (as in I want to, not, me wants to). She cracks us up constantly with her observations....

"Bubby Buttface to Me"
"I jumping up to the sky, WAY up there" as she furiously hops with both feet off the ground.

Me-"No, not right now"
Ari-"Come ON"
Ari-"Cause SAID SO!!"


She also discovered "bleeding" when she fell and skinned her knees, but she was a little confused about it, I think. She came up to me crying one day, "I bleeding" ... only it was dirt. I showed her it washed off and she was SO relieved!! 

She got some shots today. She is a smart cookie because when she heard me talking about them, she went and sat on the floor in the hallway and refused to come back in.  Poor baby, that sucked.

 Jess and I celebrate 12 years in two weeks. Still the best decision I have ever made :) 

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